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PCX Spotlight: Andrea Richmond

PCX would like to welcome its newest member, Andrea Richmond, one of PCX’s new streamers! You can find Andrea online through her gamertag (BoredyMcbored) and she’ll be streaming each week through our Twitch channel Monday and Fridays at 7pm.


Andrea is immensely excited to be apart of the PCX community and has been gaming since she could remember: 


“One of my first gaming memories was getting a controller put in my hand and playing Streets of Rage 2 with my family on the Genesis. Since then, I've fallen in love with video games and the art that can be displayed via the medium. I love and play a litany of different games from strategy, open world, RPGs, sports, stealth and just anything that seems fun at the time. 


That's exactly what I plan to do with my streams too. Just have a fun time playing whatever game that peaks my or my viewers interests! I plan on having just a good time brightening the days of my viewers with my goofiness and commentary, while also trying to inject strategy or cool information about the game if I happen to be well-versed in the game. I plan on having a super interactive stream with plenty of good times. Can't wait for the streamers to join in on our streaming adventures!!”


Be sure to check out Andrea and comment if you have any questions or requests!




Original author: Brittany Regay
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