WE PLAY Eleague: Todderick Rapley


PCX is proud to showcase one of it's We PLAY eLeague members, Todderick Rapley!


Todderick is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School and plans to go to college after he


graduates where he hopes to compete in basketball and esports at a higher level but is also exploring becoming an orthodontist or game developer. 


Todderick has been interning at PCX for over a year and has learned so much in his time with PCX: 


“I love how not only have they showed me a deeper level into the gaming industry and the different fields that exist, but how supportive they are others as well.”


Currently Todderick’s favorite games are action and shooter games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and superhero games such as the new Spiderman, but he got his start on the GameCube at age 6 with Avatar: The Last Airbender.


“The thing I love the most about video games is that it gives me a chance to play as hard as I can. It keeps me focused and it also tests your IQ so you tend to pay more attention and think quicker when try to beat an opponent or level.”


Currently, Todderick holds the Fortnite Console World Record that I share with PC players, Faze Tfue & Jaomock, in Final Fight LTM Mode of 5 teams of 20. He managed to reach 31 kills in one match and win the game tying the record.





Go subscribe to Todderick's YouTube channel where he streams his games!


Console: PlayStation 4

PSN: RamzyDaBeastYT

YouTube Channel: Ramzy DaBeast