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Learn about the Innovative programs at Pharaoh's Conclave (PCX)


Integrated courses to start and navigate your career pathway through the eSports industry

Choose from: How to Form & Grow an eSports Team, Game Design, Comic Book Creation, Shout Casting, eSports Journalism, Tournament Organizing, Broadcasting and Gamer, and more!

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Youth ESports League (YEL)

Compete. Build skills. Win Championships.

Teams and individuals compete in 100% virtual local, regional, and national events.

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eSports Career & Cognitive Apprenticeship Program (eSCCApe)

Providing on-the-job training, industry-specific education and career development

LVL Up Academy and YeL members gain access to our eSports apprenticeship, internship, co-op, job, and scholarship opportunities.

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Youth eSports League
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LVL Up Academy

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