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Power Up: Inside the eSports Industry

Each month we will be providing insights into the eSports industry, helping to connect, educate,
and inspire you as you move from amateur to professional.




LVL UP+  Become A Better Gamer


Level Up Your Game! Here are five things

you need to know to be better at video games. If you don't play video games, being asked to join in with friends or family can be intimidating– so here are five general rules that may help you out!


Check out our blog post to see how you can level up your game!





Ethan Redd is an independent multimedia designer, artist, developer, and consultant currently based in Buffalo, NY and New York City. Forged in the fires of the aesthetics of the mid-1990s, Redd boasts a signature style sporting bold colors, sharp silhouette, and lively, life-affirming charm. A self-taught jack-of all trades and one man juggernaut, Redd believes in the power of art and media to inspire people to reach higher and push further in their own lives.




His upcoming game, Blazing Legion: Ignition is an intense first-person mecha piloting action that Redd designed, produced, coded, and did the artwork for, featuring an all new OST by Skybridge.

Check out his website for more information




PCX Presents: Welcome to Wakanda- Black Panther Private Screening



Join PCX for the most highly anticipated movie event of the year! PCX Presents: Welcome To Wakanda - A Black Panther Private Screening. Open to families and comic book, cosplay, gaming, and eSports enthusiasts of all kinds, this private screening is a must-attend event.


There are two available ticket types:

- General: Includes admission, discounted concessions, and Welcome To Wakanda souvenir picture (4x6)

- VIP: Includes admission with reserved seating, discounted concessions, Welcome to Wakanda swag bag, signature event t-shirt, and Welcome To Wakanda souvenir picture (4x6)


There will be a Cosplay Contest & prize given to the best dressed!

Check out the our event page for more details!





Playtest is a weekly deep dive into game mechanics, concepts, and experiences that is hosted by the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. It’s an hour-long platform open to the public that includes guest speakers and short talks about the small intricacies we love about games. It also gives people the ability to experience them by playing games in a comfortable setting with others.


Currently, they are holding sessions in the CMII conference room on the 2nd floor of 25 Park Place from 3-4:00PM on Wednesdays.


Visit the event page here for more details!










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